Take Note to Attend

I’ve Always Been A Fan Of Sticky Notes

All through my career, I’ve used them as a way of highlighting an appointment or activity on my daily to-do list. Many of these actions were clearly not critical, but every once in a while I write down a quote or an idea whose meaning is worth pondering.

So while I have access to every modern device to keep me informed and connected to my business and personal world, I can’t seem to lose my affinity for the simple sticky note. I tip my hat to 3M for their wonderful invention.

Consider for a moment that your busy schedule could allow for at least one sticky note revelation a week. Think of the endless number of emails, texts and phone calls that consume your day. I’ll bet if I could capture your attention for just a short moment and you could ponder an opportunity or identify a market shift that you might consider this sticky note revelation helpful.

Welcome to my blog. Every month I plan to offer our readers a contemplative, but short hint on how your company might use their existing resources to increase output or reduce the cost of operating a small to medium size company. Ideas concise enough to fit on a sticky note.

Our first sticky note: Make plans to attend IWF 2016.

This August 24-27 in Atlanta, Georgia will see the gathering of almost all of the relevant suppliers in our industry. This is not a garage sale or church fundraiser. Go with the need to gather information. This should not be a “Let’s Make A Deal” experience. Spending your hard earned cash is not a trivial endeavor. Use every minute to investigate all possible types of hardware, material or machines for a future purchase.

If you insist on making this a trip to finalize your decision, then make sure you’ve done most of your research before subjecting yourself to the environment that is a trade show. I recommend you host suppliers to your business. Do as much research online as is reasonable. When possible, postpone your final decision until after you’ve returned to your office.

Every two years for over 30 years, IWF has been the premier educational venue for people just like you. Don’t miss it.