Top Trends in Bathroom Faucets and Sinks

Designer faucets from Sonoma Forge feature the company’s signature “rustic chic” look. Photo by Brandon Barr. Design by Lisa Stevens & Co.

Just like the kitchen sink area, the bathroom sink is one of the hardest working areas in the home. Last month, we took a look at the top trending products and concepts for the kitchen sink. And as in the kitchen, the bath is seeing an explosion of new and interesting ideas for the sink. In both spaces, the sink area has evolved into a statement-making focal point that gives homeowners a great opportunity for personalization.

There is still an intense focus on luxury and convenience in the bathroom, but there’s equal importance placed on beauty and aesthetics. Since swapping out faucets is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make a dramatic change in the bath, they’re an important element to watch. While not always quite as easy to update (depending on the style), sinks can make a big impact too. Any sink in the house becomes another opportunity to introduce a new design element. From a variety of new trending finishes trending to an infusion of modern technology in the bath, here is a look at the top faucet and sink trends to watch:

Morro Bay widespread lavatory faucet from California Faucets in Satin Nickel special finish
All About the Finish

One of the most interesting things happening in the bathroom is with finishes. Just as the kitchen is experiencing a shift away from your standard, shiny stainless steel or chrome finishes, so is the bath. Faucet finish is an important design element that’s really been overlooked in the past. But new technology and a continued desire for personalization have changed all of that. Today’s finishes are now more subdued. The finishes we’re seeing now add a sense of warmth to the space and some even take it a notch further adding interesting texture.

Highly polished, super-shiny finishes like stainless steel and chrome give a “been there, done that” feel and designers/homeowners are looking for something more unique. For this reason, we’ve seen gold, rose gold, and bronze tones make a comeback in recent years. As more manufacturers hope on board and make these finishes available, we’ll continue to see finishes go in a direction that’s a little warmer and less shiny. In addition to oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and warm copper colors, we’re seeing a rise in gunmetal and matte black finishes as well as white and matte white.

Even sleek and modern styled faucets are coming in more subdued finishes. One example of this is the Morro Bay Series from California Faucets. It’s an ultra sleek, minimal design but it comes in more subtle finishes such as Satin Nickel, which is a much warmer take on a metal finish. In fact, California Faucets is one manufacturer who offers a selection of physical vapor deposition (PVD) finishes. These finishes are extremely durable and tarnish-resistant. They’re great for areas like the bath where faucets are exposed to frequent moisture. Besides warmth, some of the 15 PVD finishes from California Faucet offer interesting textures too.

Oh, and if water spots bug you, go for a matte finish. It will go a long way in saving your sanity!

Rustic Chic

Speaking of textures, rustic/industrial style is all about texture. And this is the big “style wave” that’s sweeping through interiors at the moment. Initially popular in revitalized urban areas, industrial style has crept into suburbia and beyond. This wildly popular style that incorporates rich patinas and textures is all about exposing what lies beneath the surface to achieve a raw, edgy look. Surprisingly, this look blends exceptionally well with many other styles of design, making it very easy to incorporate almost anywhere.

When we think of industrial design, materials such as corrugated metal, concrete and exposed wood come to mind. There’s a “je ne sais quoi” about raw, unfinished materials and designs that put the mechanical workings of pieces on display. It’s a concept that was inspired in recent years by renovations to warehouses, barns, and industrial buildings after many cities turned old manufacturing facilities into swanky condos and office buildings. But designers and tastemakers say that these materials have a timeless quality about them and this is why many are drawn to the “rustic chic” look of industrial design.

From faucets using raw plumbing parts (Check out Sonoma Forge. They have an entire line of designer bathroom faucets with “industrial chic” as their signature style.) to cast concrete sinks, the industrial look is all about simplicity and functionality. It celebrates the beauty of a lived-with patina and the subtle character of “imperfections.”

Sans Hands Sensor Faucet from Sonoma Forge
It’s Automatic

Much like in the kitchen, the bathroom of the future is now! Technology is making life in the bathroom easier and more sanitary. More than a fad, automated faucets can help conserve water and lower water bills in addition to helping curtail the spread of germs. Again, Sonoma Forge is one manufacturer who is doing cool things with automation. Their Sans Hands sensor faucets have no visible sensors, which eliminates frantic hand waving. Plus, as mentioned, they come in an array of super cool industrial-inspired styles and finishes.

Isla High Profile Lav Faucet with Metal Petra Handles from Waterworks
Sculpture for the Bath

Both sinks and faucets have the potential to serve as eye-catching focal points in the bath. Many of today’s faucet designs look more like art than water faucets. And there’s virtually no end to the variety of unique vessel sinks that add personality and panache to the bath or powder room.

For example, the super sleek Virage® Two Handle Widespread Vessel Lavatory Faucet from Brizo features the twists and flourishes of Old World wrought iron to bring a bold new expression to the bath. Also the Isla High Profile Lav Faucet with Metal Petra Handles from Waterworks features unique rock-like handles for an unusual twist. Then there’s Kohler’s Marrakesh™ on Bol® faucet. With its delicate floral pattern, it looks like a piece of fine china or pottery. Plus, there’s also a coordinating sink to match.

And speaking of sinks, you can find vessel sinks in materials from glass and copper to natural stone like river rock and marble. They come in virtually any size, shape, and color you can think of and they go a long way in adding personality to the bath or powder room.

Personalization remains the key to a great bathroom design. Whether your customers want to take part in the “rustic chic” movement or they’re looking to take the ultra sleek and modern route, they are sure to find a sink/faucet combo for the bath that speaks to their unique sense of style.