What Ever Happened to Flex Hours?

 Now, before you skip over my hard work, this is NOT another lament on how to keep the millennials happy.  I’m suggesting these flex hours could be the key to keeping you happy.
As I’ve said many times before, my 40 years in this industry have been spent on the the road observing just how special some of our manufacturers are. One key factor on those occasions where the manager or owner was uniquely successful was their willingness to break with the normally accepted “rules.” Often these winners were expert in the art of stretching the boundaries of almost every limit.
So, how does this observation pertain to the topic of flex time? Lately it seems that at almost every gathering I hear that you just can’t get or keep good help anymore. I’m suggesting that maybe you’re not looking in the right place, or to be more specific, the right generation. Now that I’ve retired, I have discovered that almost all of my friends who have also retired are not really retired at all!?
It seems that you do not go deaf, dumb and blind at age 65. I’m amazed at how creative and flexible these arrangements are that allow older experts to participate beyond their official retirement. I’ve heard everything from a day a week to four mornings a week, or even “on call” for peak demand or vacation fill in. What these executives and craftsman can accomplish part time is remarkable. And besides, they’re on Medicare and don’t need your healthcare plan.
My Sticky Note is a question; is there someone you know who has retired from your organization or from a similar experience that could bring a short term boost to your quality or performance? Is there a process that could use an experienced hand to guide the way?
I highly recommend you reach out to the one generation that has proven itself to be skilled, honest and trustworthy. I accept that this may seem very “old school” in the extreme but what have you got to lose other than  more time training a revolving door of disappointing applicants who struggle to do the work properly anyway.
Let’s hear it for the rule breakers, take a chance on an alternative strategy today.
Thank you, Stephan Waltman (who by the way is working part time in a furniture factory on process improvements).