Stiles Machinery Honors Retirees and Supports Future Industry Leaders 

Stiles Machinery Inc. recently hosted a retirement celebration in honor of seven former employees.

Each of these employees played a significant role in shaping Stiles Machinery as it exists today, Stiles also unveiled a new foundation intended to invest in the lives of future industry leaders for years to come.

This year, in honor of their recent retirees and over 190 years of combined service to the company, Stiles contributed $10,000 to the Manufacturing Industry Learning Labs’ National Training Center located in Colorado Springs, CO. The Manufacturing Industry Learning Labs (MILL) offers training courses in lean manufacturing, using the latest woods technology and industry-driven curriculum. It is the first national training center of its kind designed to educate future leaders and talents in the wood manufacturing industry.

The donation will go towards supporting the continual efforts of the MILL to impact the lives of over 400 manufacturing students.

“We wanted to honor our retirees with the opportunity to become part of a greater legacy, one that gives back to the industry and will live on in their name for years to come,” stated Christian Vollmers, President of Stiles Machinery.

In his response Mattson explained that his decision to pursue education was directly influenced by his desire to help people and that he considers Stiles to be one of his largest role models. “Many corporations only care about money, but Stiles cares about people,” said Mattson.