Stiles Adds the Perfect Finishing Touch to AWFS 2017

Stiles Machinery Inc. is proud to showcase one of the newest additions to their impressive line of manufacturing technology, the MAKOR Start-One M finishing machine, at this year’s AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, July 19-22. Stiles offers a complete range of advanced finishing technologies for wood, composites, plastic and metal applications, many of which can be seen at the largest finishing laboratory and showroom in North America located at their facilities in High Point, North Carolina.

Stiles aims to provide the highest quality finishing equipment available on the market, and the MAKOR Start-One is no exception. With its one of a kind design, intelligent controls, and fully-automated trolley systems, it delivers stunning results with increased flexibility by only requiring one operator. Attendees to Stiles’ booth at AWFS will have a chance to see how the MAKOR Start-One achieves the highest quality finishes while increasing productivity and cutting down on manual labor.

The MAKOR Start-One is the ideal solution for small- to medium-sized operations due to its efficient footprint and affordability. Featuring four intelligent spray guns connected to an oscillating arm that evenly coats workpieces as they make their way through the machine, the MAKOR Start-One ensures a perfect finish every time. Its unique design dramatically increases coating efficiency while significantly reducing overspray, saving businesses valuable resources. In addition to cutting back on waste, the MAKOR Start-One saves manufacturers time and energy with its fully-automated trolley system that allows workpieces to be fed through the machine without the need for an operator.

Along with the MAKOR Start-One, attendees to Stiles’ booth will experience a multitude of advanced solutions for manufacturing wood, plastics and other materials. For more information about the total production solutions offered by Stiles, visit or stop by Stiles’ booth #7411 at AWFS in Las Vegas.