Timber Wolf Forest Products Celebrates Company Growth

Timber Wolf Forest Products, a Hudson-based wood components manufacturer, hosted a celebration at its facility to thank officials – including Rep. Mark Meadows – for their assistance in procuring a federal grant that has allowed the company to purchase a pivotal new piece of equipment and set its sights on a firm growth path.

Timber Wolf has been in operation for nearly 20 years and is a primary supplier for furniture manufacturing companies, cabinet-making operations, and hotel franchises. In an effort to expand its operations, Timber Wolf was awarded a Community Development Block Grant to assist in the purchase of a five-axis Pade CNC router that can perform a host of complex wood-cutting functions. Along with aggressive marketing efforts, Timber Wolf has been able to expand its client base by more than 1,000 customers in the past year and has nearly doubled its workforce.

“(The router) really refocused us as what our future would look like,” said Madison Roper, Timber Wolf’s owner, along with his sister, Hollie. “It has been a game-changer for us.”

Doing business in all 50 states and in seven countries across the world, Timber Wolf has more than 3,500 customers. Founded by Randy and Rita Roper in 1998, the family business endured through the Great Recession and has emerged as a thriving, growing company.

The celebration, which featured a buffet lunch, included company employees, Rep. Meadows, Caldwell County officials, representatives from the Town of Hudson, and officials from the Western Piedmont Council of Governments.

“The (CDBG) grant came with the growth of 10 more jobs that were to be created and filled by the end of the grant,” Madison Roper said. “We had 10 months from the time we started the process until it was complete. Similar grants took three years to complete.”

Rep. Meadows described Timber Wolf as “a great success story.”

“When you look at this, it is about teamwork coming together with a number of folks,” Meadows said.

Caldwell County Commission Chairman Randy Church praised the entrepreneurship of the Roper family and thanked them for “dreaming big.”

Caldwell County Economic Development Commission Executive Director Deborah Murray said the success of Timber Wolf puts to rest any notion of the demise of the furniture and wood products industries in the county.

“It is alive and doing well,” Murray said.

Timber Wolf has pushed forward by working with its vendors to provide product solutions and on-time delivery. The company also stays mindful of changing consumer tastes to adapt its product line when necessary.

CEO, Madison Roper

“We’re breaking our own molds and pushing our own boundaries,” Madison Roper said. “And we’ve been blessed with a lot of great, quality people.”

Along with the lunch, Timber Wolf provided guests with tours of the company’s facility and demonstrations of its new router.

“Timber Wolf’s vision is to stay focused on what we do best by placing the emphasis on our customers and our employees,” Madison Roper said.

Roper added that the company plans to partner with Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute to develop a long-term training program for its employees.

“We are excited to have a community who shares in our vision, our values, and our commitment to turning challenges into opportunities.”