Make More Productive Employees

Here’s the question of the day; how can you get more productive employees? In most businesses, resources are finite and owners have to do all they can to maximize them. The most important resource is employees. Here are some strategies to get your employees fired up can get them more enthusiastic and driven without having to carry, and use, a big stick.


Life happens, and it doesn’t happen just before nine or after five. Individuals also vary as far as what hours they work best. Give your workers more control over when they work. Track their productivity, not their hours to see if the scheduling works. Reevaluate scheduling periodically and adjust if necessary. A results-based environment at work is a great production enhancer.

Communicate clearly

Be clear about what you expect. Be direct. Keep them informed about the whole business, both the good and the bad. Your employees want to know so why keep them in the dark, especially things that impact their jobs directly. You expect honesty from them; they expect no less from you.

Take a collective break

Sometimes doing nothing can make employees more productive. Down time is important for mental well-being, so give your employees time to recharge during the day by taking group breaks. They’ll be more productive when they get back to work and it will also help build rapport.

Reward performance

Everyone likes recognition. Celebrate your employees accomplishments and you’ll demonstrate you care for them. Instill in them that their jobs are important enough that you notice when employees excel.

Establish library time

Email bombs your employees all day and it’s a huge production killer. There are apps that will let you schedule Library hours or times when email and select websites are blocked. This gives employees scheduled times during the day when they can work uninterrupted. Be sure to include yourself, both in the library hours and as an eliminated distraction.

Longer hours don’t always equate with more production. Using those man-hours smarter does when coupled with smart production builders. Use these tools to build a more efficient, collaborative workforce.