Experience cutting-edge solutions in a production environment with Biesse!

After record interest last year, Biesse is proud to host their 2017 Fall Tech Tour and they invite readers to join them for this unique event experience in Italy with a full week of activities from October 14-21.

Biesse product specialists will guide visitors through Italy to experience some of the most advanced production facilities in the world. Attendees will discover how companies have successfully implemented smart technology to take their production into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
The tour will visit a variety of medium to large manufacturers from October 16-18, and they will see machinery from across Biesse’s entire range with a strong emphasis on automation during scheduled stops at facilities in the following regions Lombardy, Veneto and Central Italy.

Participants will then attend the “Inside Biesse” event October 19-20 in Pesaro, where they can see all Biesse’s innovative machinery and experience one of the largest showrooms in all of Europe.
Bias invites readers to join them for this opportunity to experience cutting-edge solutions in a production environment while discovering how the global market is implementing Industry 4.0.

Space is limited so participation is limited to a maximum of 2 people per company.  Please act soon and reserve space to take advantage of this exciting educational tour!  RSVP by emailing jason.varelli@biesse.com or calling Jason Varelli at 704-307-6416.