Rockler Introduces Miter Fold Dado Set

Miter Fold Dado Set Profiled blade cuts self-aligning joints for building boxes and drawers

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced a new type of dado blade set for the table saw that can produce a complete box or drawer from a single piece of material with just a few cuts.

The Rockler Miter Fold Dado Set combines a complete 8″ dado set with a special profiled blade designed by inventor and popular YouTube woodworker Andrew Klein. Together, the blades cut profiled channels in the wood, leaving a thin layer that allows the sides and ends of the box to be folded up to form self-aligning corner joints with continuous grain patterns.

The innovative design won the Miter Fold a spot as a finalist for the Visionary New Product Award at the 2017 AWFS Fair, the annual gathering of the Association of Woodworking & Finishing Suppliers.

“Joints cut with the Rockler Miter Fold Dado Set are stronger, easier to clamp and less prone to glue squeeze-out than folding miter joints made with a v-groove router bit,” said Dan Wenning, Rockler’s director of product development. “The locking profile cut by the Miter Fold keeps the joints from sliding around during clamping, and it provides more glue surface for greater strength.”

One other benefit is speed of production, Wenning said. “Once you’re set up for your thickness of material, you can pump out a number of boxes quickly.”

The set is designed for use on contractor- or cabinet-style table saws with 5/8″ arbors and will cut folding miter joints in material from 1/4″ to 7/8″ thick, assuming the saw’s arbor is long enough to safely accommodate the required blade configuration. Detailed instructions include setup charts to help users home in on the right blade combination for their thickness of material.

The Miter Fold Dado Set comes in a custom wooden storage box and includes the 1/4″-thick Miter Fold specialty blade plus a complete 8″ diameter dado set that can be used on its own for cutting dadoes, rabbets and grooves. (The dado set includes 16-tooth, 1/8″-thick left and right full dado blades, a 1/4″ chipper, two 1/8″ chippers, a 1/16″ chipper, six .008″-thick shims and five .004″-thick shims.) All blades have carbide cutters that can be resharpened, and Rockler has designated an authorized sharpening service.

Rockler and Klein collaborated for months to finalize development of the Miter Fold Dado Set and bring it to market.

“From the beginning, we knew the Miter Fold would be a game-changing product,” said Wenning, who worked closely with Klein. “It was great teaming up with Andy to bring this revolutionary new dado set to the woodworking community.”