C.R. Onsrud Reaches Out to Customers Hit by Hurricanes

C.R. Onsrud (Onsrud), a leading manufacturer of CNC machine tools, is reaching out to manufacturing facilities in the wake of the hurricane damaged East and Gulf coasts. While most C.R. Onsrud customers have not experienced down-time due to the placement of the electrical cabinetry above the table, Onsrud realizes some of their customers in the hardest hit areas may be experiencing flood damage. In an effort to assist companies in Houston and the surrounding areas hit by Hurricane Harvey – as well as Florida and other areas ravaged by Hurricane Irma – the C.R. Onsrud TechPros™ service team is offering free CNC service evaluations for existing customers to help get them back up and running again. This offer is valid through 31 December 2017.

It is C.R. Onsrud’s way of helping these companies/communities start getting back to normal. Insured will have several of their technicians trekking through these areas. If customers would like to make an appointment to have a service tech stop by their facility, please contact service@cronsrud.com. The entire C.R. Onsrud family  sends their prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery to all those affected.