Best Tips for an Organized Laundry Room

How do you air your dirty laundry? Because we’re all aware that it’s not only dryers that need to vent.

Some people find the activities involved in doing dirty laundry meditative, others find them so annoying they wait as long as possible between each “laundry day”.

Some builders put a lot of thought into these spaces. Others just make room for a washer/dryer and call it good.

But if you have a laundry room that’s well designed, this task becomes much easier to manage.

Here are my best tips for designing a laundry room that really works:

If you’ve got full-size front loading machines (particularly if you put them on pedestals), you really shouldn’t install shelves above them. For one, it’s really tall for accessing and two, it’s really deep for accessing.

These machines often come away from the back wall nearly 36” by the time they’re installed. Who can reach the back of a 36” deep shelf that’s installed at 4 or 5 feet from the floor with a big machine in front of it?

Just use the top of the machines as a shelf itself and save yourself the money.

Having a horizontal surface at a comfortable height for folding items right as they come out of the dryer.

Whether it’s air drying certain special garments or just keeping things smooth, having a place to hang garments right as they come out of the dryer is another time saver.

Install shelves on one side of the room and a hanging rod near that. Then clothes can be taken right from the dryer and hung up for less wrinkling and work ironing.

If you can’t add a valet rail or some really large hooks, then consider allowing space for a “rolling rack” that serves this purpose.

Of course there are people out there who don’t own an iron and never want to. For those of us who still do, having a space to easily touch up a shirt or iron an entire load makes the task so much easier.

Incorporating these tips into a laundry room design helps keep things cleaner and more organized on a daily basis.

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