Creating Luxury in Today’s Baths


This luxurious custom bath vanity by Beverly Hills designer Christopher Grubb was the inspiration behind the MALIBU bath vanity, part of the  “affordable luxury” focused C.G. Collection.

One of the most important ingredients in today’s home is “luxury.” And it’s no longer reserved just for the elite. A feeling of luxury is a requirement for homeowners on any budget and homes of any size. Nowhere is this more evident than in the bath.

Today’s homeowner wants to feel a sense of pampering in the bath. Whether they’re looking to recreate a spa experience they’ve had along their travels or whether they’re simply looking for a practical place to groom, the bathroom is the space where they can gear up for the day or unwind when the day is done. The emotional connection that homeowners feel with their bathrooms is unlike any other space in the home. For this reason, designers and manufacturers both are coming up with new, creative ways to create a sense of luxury in the bath.


Showers are growing and bathtubs are falling by the wayside. Even in smaller bathrooms, homeowners are removing walls, and even tubs, to expand the shower. They’re making room for splurge-worthy products like steam showers, rain showers, body sprays, programmable showers, light therapy, and even shower speaker systems. Not only is the shower getting bigger, but it’s also getting more transparent and open. Door hinges have virtually disappeared, as have shower enclosures all together, in some instances. In fact, some designers and homeowners opt to complete remove the shower walls, making the entire bathroom one huge tiled wet room.


Just like granite and marble countertops steal the show in the kitchen, these materials are the star in the bathroom too. Whether it’s used on the walls, floors, in the shower, as a backsplash, vanity top, or as a water feature, natural stone breathes elegance into the bathroom Consider using a line of beautiful mosaic tile for contrast in the shower, above the tub, or as a backsplash. And for projects whose budgets allow, custom water walls offer both a beautiful visual and relaxing sound effect.

Custom Vanities

Homeowners are designers are getting creative when it comes to the vanity area too. Sometimes the right fit for a vanity isn’t a vanity at all. Try thinking outside of the cabinet box. Old chests of drawers, cabinets, and vintage consoles can be converted into a beautiful one-of-a-kind vanity—and personalization is a key ingredient when it comes to the concept of luxury.

Focus on Furniture

Furniture makes a bathroom feel cozier and more welcoming. In the bathroom, it can be treated as a piece of art. Add upholstered chairs or benches for a sense of softness and function. For example, a make-up stool that fits under the cabinet can add a pop of color or texture.

Affordable Luxury Vanities

Beverly Hills- based interior designer Christopher Grubb has been designing luxurious bathrooms for more than 25 years. The recent shift toward “luxury for everyone” inspired a whole new dimension of his work…affordable luxury vanities.  He developed a way to interpret the high-end vanities in a more affordable price point, without compromising the quality that his clients expect. As an example, the photo above is a bathroom vanity that Grubb designed for a Los Angeles master suite for around $9,000. This design became the basis for The CG Collections’ modernly elegant MALIBU, which starts at around $1,799.

In fact, Grub has several other tips for those looking to infuse a sense of luxury into the bath at any price point:

  • Sconces on the side of the mirrors serve as a great piece of “jewelry” to decorate the room.
  • Frame the mirror. It’s amazing how this easy addition can completely transform the bathroom, making it feel more “put together.”
  • Incorporate a towel warmer or towel-warming drawer. Nothing says luxury like wrapping yourself up in a warm, cozy towel.
  • Add a refrigerator in the bathroom. You might be surprised how useful a fridge is in the bath, and not just for cold drinks. Most medications and make-up products are best stored in a refrigerator. Plus, applying cool cold creams and lotions is refreshing.
  • For technophiles, try a mirror with a TV inside. This is a great way to catch the morning news while you’re getting ready for the day. And don’t forget speakers. You’ll want to relax to your favorite tunes.
  • And for those with the big budgets, go high-tech with the toilet. Today’s options have more bells and whistles than you can dream of. From built-in nightlights and automatic lid-lifts to seat warmers, remote controls, and built-in bidets, the ways to customize your toilet experience are endless.

Although its purpose is utilitarian in nature, no room deserves a little luxury like the bathroom. Having any of these indulgent elements in the bathroom will help your clients create a spa-like retreat that’s worth escaping to.