Organizing Kid’s Closets

The sooner you can incorporate ways to keep kids organized — the more likely the habits will stick. If parents can start with simple things for small children, they can work up to bigger and better things as kids grow up.

Teens can be challenging to keep organized, no matter what methods are put into place.

And if you think about it from their perspective – it’s pretty difficult to take the time actually hang up a garment when you’ve got 37,000 text messages to read and return.

But there is hope!

With good planning and assessment of what needs to be stored and how – parents might get lucky enough to actually see part of the bedroom floor.

So here are some important things to think about when planning custom storage solutions for the kid friendly spaces in a home:

  1. Determine what items need to call this closet space home. Are there toys and sports equipment, in addition to clothing, that need to be stored here?
  2. What percentage do you want to hang and what percentage do you want to fold? And, if space allows, do you want drawers?
  3. Where does dirty laundry end up? Would you like pullout baskets/drawers for that?
  4. Be sure to have adjustable hanging sections so if children are very young, space will allow triple hang (three rows of hanging garments). As the children grow and the clothing takes up more space, you can remove one of the rods and have traditional double hang.
  5. Make sure to have low shelves for children to easily put away the most frequently used items.
  6. Incorporate kid size hangers. Standard hangers are often too large for such small clothing items.
  7. Teach children how to treat clothing. It’s an investment in time that will pay dividends for the rest of their lives.
  8. Incorporate hooks for use with anything from sweatpants to back packs.

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