Rockler Expands Selection of Rolling Barn Door Hardware

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has expanded its selection of rolling barn door hardware to provide do-it-yourselfers with a wider array of affordable solutions for hanging custom-crafted doors.

Available in multiple styles – ranging from rustic to contemporary, with a black or stainless steel finish – the new I-Semble® complete hardware kits provide the same smooth, quiet operation and easy DIY installation as Rockler’s previous offerings, but at lower prices. Because the door glides open to the side instead of swinging open, rolling door hardware is especially useful in spaces where a swinging door is not feasible or desired.

Among the new kits is a set of bypass rolling door hardware that incorporates dual tracks to let the user hang two doors that roll past each other – ideal for applications where the opening is especially wide or where users want to replace sliding track doors or bi-fold doors with an updated look.

“Rolling doors continue to be a popular trend in interior design,” said Jessica Stephan, Rockler’s vice president of merchandising, “and they’re being used not only for typical bedroom or living room doors but also in closets, pantries and as a creative way of hiding flat-panel TVs. With these new additions, we can provide DIYers with a complete solution for any of their rolling door projects – at a great value.”

Most of the I-Semble® kits feature flat tracks made from 1/4″ thick steel for high beam strength and minimal projection from the wall. The flat tracks incorporate interlocking dovetails in the middle that make alignment easy and provide a strong mechanical connection.

With the new hardware, Rockler also is offering several matching door handles and plans to sell additional sections of flat track so the user can expand the rolling door hardware to fit any opening. In addition, an optional soft-close adapter mechanism available for flat-track kits to bring rolling doors to a gentle stop and prevent bounce-back.

The I-Semble® complete rolling door hardware kits include two roller assemblies with sealed ball bearings; mounting brackets; track; door stops; floor guide; discs to keep the rollers from jumping the tracks; and installation hardware.