Colonial Saw Delivers New Dimension in Vertical Cutting 

The United States will soon get a glimpse of the future as Colonial Saw, Inc. brings the Striebig 4D to Atlanta next summer at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF). Colonial Saw is the exclusive U.S. distributor of market-leading Striebig AG vertical panel saws.

The 4D name refers to time as the fourth dimension, an integral component of each 4D sawing center as it delivers significant increases in productivity. Already popular in Europe, the top-of-the-line Striebig 4D has fully automated horizontal and vertical workpiece positioning systems. The result is nearly effortless one-person operation and greatly reduced operator effort in terms of loading and offloading panels or pieces.

“The 4D took a quantum leap in terms of technology by integrating CNC capability,” said Dave Bull, Colonial Saw Striebig product manager. “It is the first panel saw from Striebig to offer intelligent cut optimization. In practical terms, that means it can take a project cut list, optimize the cutting pattern for the saw, and cut the sheets automatically. Now all the operator has to do is confirm the next cut and remove the finished piece.”

The 4D brings precision and efficiency to a new level for automated vertical panel cutting. The automatic clamping fixtures of the PAV panel lowering device ensure that panels are held firmly and positioned vertically on the support frame for precise horizontal cuts. The fully-automatic PPS unit (programmable panel feeder) allows panels to be positioned along the bottom support rollers for vertical cuts, precise to within 0.004”. Together they combine continuous cutting with effortless one-person operation.

The brain of the Striebig 4D features intuitive control and award-winning design. The significantly enhanced Touch&Saw 2.0 system has a 12” touchscreen that gives the operator an interactive platform for communicating and working with the 4D and its multitude of functions.

“In addition, customers may choose from a wide variety of options to customize their 4D,” Bull added. “Striebig’s more than 50 years of know-how in vertical cutting technology, numerous patents and outstanding design shows with every feature.”