Big Closets Equal Big Budgets

Big closets equal big budgets. Of course, the larger the space you need to work with, the more it will costs just in materials and labor.

But what about complexity?

What is often the case is that people with large walk in closets have big dreams and want all the bells and whistles.

And as we all know, bells and whistles add cost.

How do you discuss that price? And what’s included in it.

This conversation and this project go beyond installing a closet system. There’s design. There’s engineering. There’s manufacturing. There’s installation. There’s even (sometimes) mis-calculation. But back to budget.

I tell people that the retail price for a simple white melamine closet with shelves and hanging (no drawers, no doors, short panel hanging system) averages between $100 and $150 per linear foot. So if you have an 8 X 10 walk-in closet and you’re installing on three walls, you add up that footage and do the math.

For example, if you add 8 feet and 10 feet and 8 feet, you get 26 linear feet(you could also subtract out 4 feet because of the way the corners are utilized).

At 26 linear feet the closet price should land somewhere between $2600 and $3900.

At 22 linear feet, you’re at $2200 – $3300.

Take that same closet and add doors and drawers and accessories. Make it a wood tone melamine. Now you’re talking about a closet that prices out over $10,000.

Do this closet in a stained oak or cherry wood and you’re over the $20,000 mark.

Having discussions like that early on in a consultation give clients a much more informed perspective as they share their wish list and “must have’s.”