Rockler Introduces Vacuum Clamp Pod Kit

Secures workpiece from underneath, providing full access to surface, edges

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced a set of vacuum clamp pods that hold workpieces securely from underneath, allowing unobstructed access to the entire surface for tasks like edge routing, sanding and CNC carving.
Rockler’s Vacuum Clamp Pod Kit includes two 3-1/2″ square x 7/8″ high pods that can be screwed to a worktop or secured to jigs or tables that use standard T-tracks, such as those found on many CNC machines, with the included T-bolts and low-profile knobs. When connected to a vacuum pump, like the Rockler Vacuum Pump Kit, they produce enough suction to hold a workpiece securely in place.
Unlike some other vacuum clamps on the market, Rockler’s Vacuum Clamp Pods incorporate a ball valve that allows individual pods to be used without the need to remove others from the series to maintain suction. They also can be connected to additional pods for applications where a wider clamping base is needed. (Depending on how many pods are combined, an additional vacuum pump might be necessary.)
“When you need to work on the entire surface of a workpiece – or on all edges – it’s time-consuming and frustrating to have to pause to reposition your clamps,” said Steve Krohmer, Rockler’s vice president of product development. “With Rockler’s Vacuum Clamp Pod Kit, you eliminate those work interruptions without sacrificing clamping strength.”
The pods come with four 5/16”-18 x 3/4” long T-Bolts and four Fold-Down Knobs, making them ideal for use with the Rockler T-Track Table Top and T-Track System accessories, as well as many CNC machine tables.
Also included in the kit are foam gaskets to ensure a tight seal for strong suction; 8′ of plastic tubing; and necessary brass fittings.