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Metabo Corp.

1231 Wilson Drive P.O. Box 2287
West Chester, PA 19380

Product Description
Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries New lithium-ion batteries for Metabo cordless power tools feature 40% higher performance and 40% less weight than traditional rechargeable batteries. The batteries come with a number of cordless tools, including the full line of drill/drivers, a reciprocating saw, and a four-piece combination kit. Existing BSZ Series tools can be upgraded to use the lithium ion batteries with the purchase of the new battery and charger. The new lithium-ion batteries offer a number of advantages over traditional batteries. Lithium-ion batteries do not have a memory effect. They can be charged at the user's convenience without either waiting for the battery to fully discharge or losing some of the battery's charging capability. The new batteries can be stored up to 18 months without losing any charge, compared to four to six months for traditional batteries. The batteries are more environmentally friendly and can be easily disposed because they are not made with any heavy metals. The new batteries utilize Metabo's patented air-cooled battery charging system to increase performance and keep the tool working longer between charges. The system cools both the battery and the charger, keeping the battery at the optimum charging temperature. This results in 30% faster charging and an increased service life of up to 1,500 charges. The lithium-ion battery pack features a multi-functional display, which includes overload warning, temperature monitoring, battery capacity monitor and low capacity warning. Electronic overcharge and over-discharge protection stop the charging and discharging processes when they are complete to protect the battery, while an integrated temperature sensor shifts the battery down if it gets too hot. The battery pack also features solid cage construction to hold the batteries securely, cushion the cells, and increase shock protection. Heavy-duty lead plates guarantee maximum conductivity and connectivity between batteries. 100358937

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