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Hecht's SP05 Length Stop System
Product Description
Hecht's SP05 Length Stop System

Hecht's SP05 Length Stop System Available from Stiles E-Tech, Hecht's SP05 Length Stop System is designed for automated precision measuring and cutting of various size work pieces for window, door and framing applications. The unique SP05 Length Stop System is based on a sturdy 80x80 mm aluminum body. The numeric control from Hecht Electronic operates with chain measurements, absolute measurements, or a combination of both. The SP05 employs a robust DC servomotor that enables speeds up to 120 m/min. The specially designed barring system of the SP05 can be set-up play free, which reduces human error in measuring. The position of the carriage is permanently controlled, therefore can achieve an accuracy of better than 0.1 mm. The SP05 also features touch screen controls and menu controlled operator support. 100337692

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