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Tenn-Tex Plastics Inc.

8011 National Service Road
Colfax, NC 27235

Product Description

Which retainer clip fits this glass door application? It's an old but persistent problem. Now there's a new and simple answer - the Glass Door Retainer Starter Kit from Tenn-Tex Plastics. The kit comes in a handy 13"x9"x2 '" translucent plastic box with a hinged snap close lid for secure storage. It includes everything you need to quickly and easily assemble the correct retainer clips for glass doors. The box is divided into 12 compartments and includes: 100, #6 x 1/2", FHP screws; 100 rigid clear polymer retainers; and 50 each of 8 different thicknesses of soft clear polymer inserts to contact and hold, without damaging, glass panels. Simply lay the glass panel in the rabbeted door frame. Next place a rigid retainer on the interior edge of the door frame and then select the soft insert that is the right thickness to fit snuggly between the glass and the retainer. Snap the soft insert into the rigid retainer and screw the completed retainer clip into the door frame. If you prefer to measure, a thorough and easy to use Glass Door Retainer Clip Calculation Chart is affixed to the interior of the starter kit box lid. It cross references rabbet depths with glass thicknesses to provide the appropriate soft insert thickness and part number for your application.

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